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16 Votes
In 20 states, an incumbent Republican Senator will face a re-election battle in 2008. They will have to make clear very soon whether they will continue to defy the will of the American people.

Now is the time to hold them accountable for their choices on the war.

The Iraq war should never have been started, and it's long past time to end it.

We were one signature away from ending this war, but President Bush defied the majority of Americans and vetoed the legislation. He has shown, again and again, since the invasion began, that he will not listen.

But the will of the American people must be followed.

If President Bush won't end the war, it's up to Congress -- the representatives of the people -- to end it instead. We need 16 Republican Senators to override a veto -- any 16 of the 49 Republicans can choose the people over their party and decide to end this war.

Listen to Sen. Obama's call to action, excerpts from the speeches at his recent events.; Barack; end war; Iraq; Obama; sixteen votes;
Video updated May 20, 2007
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Updated May 19, 2007
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