Help kick-off the Vote 2010 campaign

The weekend of June 5th, we're holding Vote 2010 Kickoff Canvasses across the country, where OFA volunteers will get together to go door-to-door in their communities, all with the goal of engaging first-time 2008 voters and getting them to commit to get back to the polls this fall.

And to make it happen, we need volunteers to host events. All you need is a place where folks can gather to get started—it could be your living room, a nearby community center, or a park—and we'll provide you with materials and instructions to go from there.

This election season, the stakes are higher than ever. We need to show that 2008 was about more than just electing a new president—it was the beginning of a new era of engagement, and a commitment to lasting change.

Use the form to the right to host a June 5th canvass in your neighborhood.