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How to Create an Event on

Anyone can create an event. It's a quick and easy way to get other people involved in the things you care about. To get started, from the homepage, click the EVENTS button.

Create Your Event

On the Find an Event Panel, click the HOST an EVENT link.

On the next panel, enter the Zip Code of your event and choose an event type. Then click GET STARTED.

Set Event Details

In the first section, input a title and description for your event. You may use some basic HTML tags when creating your description, but this is not required. You can then select whether you would like to be notified when users sign up to attend your event, and whether to send a reminder email to attendees. You can set the exact time the reminder email will be sent out.

Set the Date and Time

In the next section, you can choose the date and time of your event. First, choose the date and start time. Then, you can select the event length. Input a number of minutes, hours, or days for the event to last.

Set Event Location

Next, you must input a location for your event. Type in a location name for where your event will be held (for example, "Jessica's House" or "Andover Public Library").

A host mailing address and contact phone number are not required, but we highly encourage that you input this information.

Finishing Up

In the last section, you can choose to post your event to groups to which you belong. By doing so, group members can find your event more easily, which will result in higher event turnout.

To finish creating your event, click SUBMIT.

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