Thank you for volunteering to host an event. Below you will find everything you need to have a successful event. Please review the host guide—and don't forget to report back on how your event went.

Confirming guests

Phone calls are the best way to confirm your guests. Keep calling until you get your guest to pick up—leave a message if you have to, but tell them in your message when you'll call back.


Take a few minutes to answer the following questions and let us know how your event went.

  • Have you hosted an event before? If so,
    how many times?

  • How many guests attended your event

Please rate your level of agreement with
the following statements:


I felt prepared to host my event.

I was able to recruit guests to my event.

I made confirmation calls to confirm my guest's attendance.

I am in touch with an OFA organizer in my state.

I am likely to host an event like this again.

The OFA materials and host guide were helpful.

My guests were optimistic about working with Organizing for Action.

Did you pitch your event to local press?

Did local press cover your event?

  • If press covered your event, who?

    How did you recruit volunteers to attend your event?

  • What was the best part of your event?

    Was there a best practice or helpful tip you would like to share?

  • Please upload a picture from
    your event (.gif, .jpg, .png only):