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Make a call to create a clean energy economy

The American Clean Energy and Security Act creates a framework of clean energy incentives that will spur the development of new technologies – innovations that have the potential to create millions of new, good green jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.

But its passage out of the House is in jeopardy — will you make a call today to ensure that it passes?

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Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to join you in calling their representatives.

Calling Tips

Here are some tips:

  • Be polite, respectful and clear.
  • Introduce yourself to whomever answers the phone and let them know you are a constituent – mention what city you live in.
  • You can use the sample script below to help you think about what to say.

Example Script for Your Calls

Hello, my name is __________ and I'm a constituent calling from __________ (city or town).

I'm calling today because I wanted to let Rep. ___________ know that I strongly support the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which is scheduled for a vote in Congress this week.

This bill represents the next step towards an energy plan that will help fuel a lasting economic recovery, break our dependence on foreign oil, and create a framework of clean energy incentives to create millions of good, green new jobs.

As your constituent, I strongly urge Rep. ________ to vote for this bill, and encourage other representatives to do the same.

Will Rep. _________ support the American Clean Energy and Security Act?

Thank you!

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