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Host or Attend a Debate Watch Party
Wednesday, October 15th

On October 15th, Barack Obama and John McCain will have their final debate of the election.

This is an important moment -- and a great opportunity to bring people together, talk about the issues, and build this movement for change.

Check out our Host Guide to learn more and set up an event today or search for an event to attend in your community.

Hosting or attending a Debate Watch Party is a great way to connect with folks in your community and share Barack's message of change.

With just three weeks left before Election Day, November 4th, this important final debate is the last chance to see the two candidates on the same stage.

If you decide to host, no experience is required. Our host guide will help you put together a successful event, walking you through each step and providing all the resources you need.

Use our zip code search on the right to create a Debate Watch Party or find one to attend in your community.