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Support from Environmental Leaders

We, the undersigned, who have devoted much of our lives to the cause of conservation and environmental protection, all actively support Barack Obama in his quest for the Democratic nomination.

While it is true that all the leading Democratic candidates have expressed strong and similar environmental platforms, we believe that only Senator Obama has demonstrated the ability to work across the aisle and forge the broad coalitions necessary for real change. In Congress and the Illinois Legislature, Senator Obama has taken on vested interests and built creative coalitions that have achieved major environmental victories. It should come as no surprise that he has received the highest ranking from the League of Conservation Voters of any candidate for president. It is no accident that in Illinois in 2003 he was one of only six State Senators to receive a 100% environmental voting award from the Illinois Environmental Council. Our nation needs a President with the courage and ability to boldly confront climate change and our dependence on fossil fuels.

Two years ago, when few in the U.S. Senate would even say the word CAFE, Senator Obama reached across the aisle and introduced the Fuel Economy Reform Act with Republican Senator Richard Lugar and a dozen other Senators. By working with the environmental community, the United Auto Workers and a host of experts to build a strong coalition, Senator Obama was not only able to propose legislation that both strengthened and reformed fuel economy standards, but he was able to secure the votes of several senators who had never before supported fuel economy mandates. In 2007, for the first time in over 30 years, Congress adopted and the President signed strengthened and reformed fuel economy standards that were virtually identical to the Obama-Lugar legislation.

Barack Obama is also a champion of clean renewable power. As an Illinois state legislator, Senator Obama was the lead Senate sponsor of the renewable energy portfolio standard legislation supported by a strong coalition of environmental and public health organizations and clean energy businesses. In 2007, Illinois enacted among the very strongest renewable energy standards legislation in the nation – requiring that utilities ramp up their purchases of clean renewable energy to 25% of the electricity supply by 2025. Barack Obama supports a similarly aggressive federal renewable requirement. We believe that as President, he will be uniquely capable of overcoming the political roadblocks that have thwarted adoption of a national RPS to date.

To address the climate crisis, Senator Obama supports an aggressive cap and trade program that harnesses the forces of the market and auctions 100% of the permits to fund energy efficiency, clean technology, and to protect low income Americans from rising energy prices. In addition, Obama has relentlessly pursued measures to reduce our dangerous dependence on oil while ensuring that efforts to promote alternative fuels also achieve our low carbon goals. For example, Senator Obama has led the effort to establish a National Low Carbon Fuels Standard based on the innovative program adopted in the state of California. Knowing that such a program would make many ethanol producers nervous, last year Senator Obama called the ethanol community together and explained his view that ethanol’s future depended upon developing low carbon alternatives to today’s corn based option.

Recognizing the possibility of opposition from Midwest colleagues, Senator Obama worked with Senator Tom Harkin to introduce the legislation with him. When introducing the legislation, Senator Obama asserted that we must simultaneously pursue our climate change and energy security goals. We applaud Senator Obama’s view that a low carbon fuels standard is the most effective way to ensure that all alternative fuels - - including coal based options - - are not allowed into the system unless they too achieve significant carbon reductions. Again, Senator Obama’s broad vision and ability to build unusual coalitions has moved an important environmental priority forward.

We believe that Obama is telling it as it is when he says that it is not enough to elect a Democrat, but that we need to elect one who can govern by uniting people in a setting where Democrats don’t hold all the cards. Climate change is the challenge of our generation. We must have a President with the courage and resourcefulness to unite the nation and face up to this challenge.

We invite all environmentalists and conservationists to join us in supporting Barack Obama, which may well decide the kind of country we leave to our children.

*Signers of this letter have signed as individuals. The views expressed in this letter in no way express those of their affiliated organizations or institutions.

Respectfully Submitted,

Senator Gary Hart

United States Senator, Ret.

John DeVillars

Former New England Administrator of US EPA; former Secretary of Environmental Affairs-Massachusetts

Randy Hayes

Founder, Rainforest Action Network

Mark Van Putten

President, Conservation Strategy; Past President, National Wildlife Federation* *organization listed for identification purposes only and no endorsement or other involvement by the organization is implied thereby.

Robert K Musil

Former CEO, Physicians for Social Responsibility

W. Alan Wentz

Past Chairman, Natural Resources Defense Council of America

E. William Stetson III

Founding Chairman, Foundation for Our Future

Sue Tierney

Former Assistant Secretary for Policy, Department of Energy (1993-1995)

Bill McKibben


Gary Hirshberg

President and CE-YO, Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

Robert W. Gee

Former Asst. Secretary of Energy and Former Chairman of Public Utilities Commission of Texas

Roger Payne

Founder/President, Ocean Alliance; started Save the Whales movement

Bob Epstein

Director, New Resource Bank

Kelly Blynn

National Co-Coordinator, Step it Up 2007

Frank Loy

Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs and Lead U.S. Climate Negotiator (1998-2001)

Anthony P. Grassi

Former Board Chair, American Rivers* *organization listed for identification purposes only

Roger Kennedy

Former Director, National Park Service

Roger Milliken, Jr.

Director, The Nature Conservancy* *organization listed for identification purposes only and no endorsement or other involvement by the organization is implied thereby.

Jacob Smith

Mayor, Golden, Colorado

Tom Plant

Colorado Energy Expert

Bob Sussman

Former Deputy Administrator, US EPA (1993-1994)

Tim Carmichael

Senior Director of Policy, Coalition for Clean Air* *organization listed for identification purposes only

Bruce Lymburn

General Counsel and Secretary, Clif Bar & Co.; California Environmental Activist

Michel Gelobter

CEO, Cooler; Former President, Redefining Progress

Howard Learner

Midwest Environmental Leader and Public Interest Attorney

Dan Kammen

Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy; Co-Director, Berkeley Institute of the Environment

Dan Esty

Professor, Yale University and Former EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy (1989-1993)

Wendy Abrams

Founder, Cool Globes

Michael Green

Executive Director, Center for Environmental Health*organiztion listed for identification purposes only

Peter Bachman

Former Executive Director, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

Eric Utne

Founder, Utne Reader

V. John White

Clean Power Campaign* *organization listed for identification purposes only

State Rep. Frank Hornstein

Minnesota State Representative, District 60B

Rich McClintock

Former Executive Director, Colorado PIRG (1998-2001) and Missouri PIRG (1984-1988)

Charlie Kireker

Co-Founder, Fresh Tracks Capital

Charles Stringer

Former Asst. Regional Counsel, US EPA

George Burrill

Former President, Associates in Rural Development

Allan Hunt Badiner

Chair Emeritus, Board of Directors, Rainforest Action Network

Jonathan Berger

Executive Secretary, TMI Public Health Fund

Julie Stuart

Former Chapter Chair and Political Chair, Georgia Sierra Club

Felix Aguilar, MD

MPH Physicians for Social Responsibility* *organization listed for identification purposes only

Jamie Henn

National Co-Coordinator, Step it Up 2007

The Honorable James F. Powers

Member, Environment and Agriculture Committee, NH House of Representatives

William Lake

Counsel, US Council on Environmental Quality (1970-73)

Dr. Michael K. Dorsey

Director, Sierra Club National Board (1993-2003)

Ricca Slone

Former Illinois State Rep., Illinois Environmental Council Legislator of the Year

Kenneth Berlin

Former Chairman, Board of Directors, the American Bird Conservancy

Dr. Larry Berg

Retired Professor, USC, Clean Air Advocate

Arthur Berndt

Environmental Activist

Robert Bonnie

Environmental Professional

Steve Cochran

Environmental Activist

Coralie Cooper

Clean Transportation Expert

Connor Everts

Southern California Watershed Alliance* *organization listed for identification purposes only

Zachary Frankel

Founder and Former Executive Director, Utah Rivers Council

Debra Edelstein

Urban and Environmental Planner

Lisa Cashdan

Eco Land Consultant

Albert Ettinger

Environmental Attorney

Bryan Garcia

Lead Author, Connecticut Climate Action Plan

Suzanne Biegel

Environmental Advocate

Jay Tutchton

Director, Environmental Law Center

Paul Bruhn

Executive Director, Preservation Trust of Vermont

Jack Darin

Illinois Environmental Leader

Scott Elkins

Minneapolis Environmental Leader

Dan Martin

Former Director, World Environment Resources Program, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Cameron Davis

Midwest Environmental Leader

Dayton Duncan

Former Chair, American Heritage Rivers Advisory Committee

Tom Dougherty

Colorado Conservation Leader

Daniel J. Donovan

Founder and Managing Director Prospero

Lee Aeschliman

Environmental Advocate

Jose Carmona

Co-Principal, The Verde Group

Mike Chiropolos

Public Land Attorney

Beth Conover

Former Director, Greenprint Denver

Megan Camp

Chair, Vermont Environmental Education Programs

Sara C. Carpenter


Karen Bridges

Minnesota Conservationist

Paula Daniels

Former President, Heal the Bay*organization listed for identification purposes only

Dave Dempsey

Commissioner, Great Lakes Fishery 1994-2001

Ruth Greenspan Bell

Former, US EPA Attorney

Darby Bradley

Former Chair, VT Environmental Board

Beth White Illinois Environmental Leader

Jonathan Zasloff

Professor of Law, UCLA

Peter Forbes

Co-Founder, Center for Whole Communities

Michael Oppenheimer

Albert G. Milbank, Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs, Princeton University

Thomas A. Geogeon

Conservation Leader

David Marvin

Conservationist and Former Chair, VT Land Trust

Rep. Rick Hansen

Elected Official

Susan Diane Daggett

Former Managing Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office of Earthjustice

Stewart Hudson

Co-Chair, US Climate and Energy Funders Group

Blair Johnson

Environmental Activist

Zygmut JB Plater

Professor, Environmental Law, Boston College Law School

Andy Wiessner


Tom Gegax


Jonathan Goldman

Illinois Environmental Leader

John Stalker Henderson

Environmental Educator and Conservationist

Jason Grumet

Energy Policy Expert

Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe

Member E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs

Margit Henderson


Bridget Holcomb

Illinois Environmental Leader

Jonathan Isham

Professor of International Environmental Economics

Susan Lenfestey

Opinion Writer

Lillian Kawasaki

Water Replenishment District Director* *organization listed for identification purposes only

Allegra Happy Haynes

Environmental Activist

Tatiana Vujic

Environmental Policy Expert

Steve Werner

International Safe Drinking Water Leader

Qaid Hassan

Sustainable Building Consultant

Timothy Brown

Co-Director, Delta Institute


Rebecca Henderson

Professor, Sloan School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

James P. Lenfestey

Journalist and Poet

Jacky Grimshaw

Environmental and Transportation Policy Advocate

Christopher James

Former Manager, Climate Change and Energy Program, CT DEP

Jonathan Kaplan

Associate Professor of Economics

Wayne King

Publisher, Going Green Magazine

Joel Makower

Chairman and Executive Editor, Greener World Media, Inc.

Julia Levin

Environmental Advocate

Gary Kleiman

Air Quality/Environmental Scientist

Billy Parish

Former Coordinator, Energy Action Coalition

Moira McDonald

Conservation Consultant

Michael Noble

Environmental Advocate

Dr. Barry Rabe

Professor, University of Michigan

Peter Park

Sustainable Cities Expert

Ben Pearlman

Boulder County Commissioner, Colorado

Arthur Purcell

Resource Policy Institute

Mike Sands

Environmental Advocate

Sabina Shaikh

University of Chicago, Public Policy Studies and Environmental Studies Program

Armin Rosenkranz

Founder, Pacific Environment

Keith Wheeler

Conservationist, Author, Photographer

Amy Knox

Conservation Leader

William Roper

President and CEO, Orton Family Foundation

Robin Read

Former Member, New Hampshire House of Representatives

Tommi Makila

Iowan Environmental Leader

Kelly Mazeski

Environmental Activist

Anna Hawken McKay

Environmental Advocate

Melanie Napoleon

Illinois Environmental Leader

Pamela Mahoney Peak

Environmental Professional

Jay Rowell

Vice Chair, Illinois League of Conservation Voters

Richard Perl

Founder, Social Venture Network

Debra Shore

Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

Will Toor

Boulder County Commissioner, Colorado

Karl Karg

Environmental Attorney

Jim Litwin

Environmental Advocate

Margaret H. O'Dell

Environmental Advocate

Debbie Musiker (Chizewer)

Former Visiting Assistant Professor Environmental Law; Former Attorney, National Wildlife Federation

Peter Ogden

Energy Security Analyst

Kristin Park

Sustainable Cities Expert

Louis G. Leonard III

Environmental Law Professor

Gayle Peterson

Environmental Consultant

James A. Kent

Attorney, Center for Social Ecology and Public Policy

Horst Rechelbacher

Ecopreneur/Organic Farmer

Angus Rockett

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois

Bradley F. Smith, PhD

First Director, Office of Environmental Education for the US EPA

Margi Schroth

Wyoming Environmental Activist

Brian Urbaszewski

Illinois Environmental Leader

Paul Vercruyssen

Environmental Policy Analyst

Don Waage


Alexander Webb


Mary Westcott

Foundation Head

Stacey Williams

Sustainability Consultant

Timothy Sullivan

Colorado Environmental Activist

David Victor

Professor of Energy Law and Conservationist

Mark I. Wallach

Partner, Calfee, Halter & Griswold, LLP

Alexander Rau

Founder and Principal, Climate Wedge, Ltd.

Rand Sparling

Past President, Illinois Environmental Council

Tim Wolf

Environmental Advocate

Dennis Wolkoff

Professional Land Conservationist

Craig Sieben

Energy Advocate

Lauren Rosenthal

Environmental Activist

Karel J. Samson

Visiting Scholar, UC Santa Barbara

Theodore Sedgwick

Former Board Member, Certified Forest Products Council

William Shutkin

Partner, Innovation Network for Communities

Peter Stein

Eco Land Consultant

Additional Endorsers as of February 10, 2008

Edward Norton

Filmmaker; Board Member, Gobal Green USA and National Conservation System Foundation;
Founder, Solar Neighbors Program

Theodore Roosevelt V

New York League of Conservation Voters

Paul Winter


Ira Feldman

President and Senior Counsel, Greentrack Strategies; Former Special Counsel, US EPA

Bonnie Cohen

Former Undersecretary of State for Management; Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget, US Department of the Interior

Owen Byrd

Advisory Council, Save San Francisco Bay Association; Former Policy Director, Greenbelt Alliance; Former National Campaign Director, Greenvote

Andrew Wilner

CEO and Baykeeper, NY/NJ Baykeeper

Sheila Foster

Albert A. Walsh Professor of Real Estate, Land Use and Property Law, Fordham University School of Law

Michael McIntosh

President, The McIntosh Foundation

Leonidas Payne

Former Environmental Protection Specialist, US EPA

Elizabeth Yampierre

Environmental Justice Advocate

Elizabeth Cheadle

Former Chair, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

James Baca

Former Director, Bureau of Land Management

Kyle Danish

Environmental Attorney

Scott Denman

Sustainable Energy Advocate

Michael S. Freeman

Environmental Attorney

Kevin Toner

Environmental Advocate

Michael Jenkins

President and CEO, Forest Trends

Nancy A. Graham

Maryland Environmentalist

Susan Lehnhardt

Ecological Consultant

Melissa Kelly-Ortega

Co-Founder, Moms' Clean Air Network

Meredith Lathbury

Maryland Eastern Shore Environmental Leader

Amanda C. Leiter

Visiting Associate Professor of Law Georgetown University Law Center

Lewis MacAdams

River Activist

Andrew McCown

Associate Director, Echo Hill Outdoor School

Richard Mott

Wildlife Conservation Advocate

Patrick Parenteau

Professor of Law, Senior Counsel Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, Vermont Law School

Rob Pratt

Henry P. Kendall Foundation Chairman Emeritus, American Council on Renewable Energy

Stephanie Grumet

Former Environmental Scientist, US EPA

Ray Culter

Former Board Member of American Rivers and Potomac Conservancy

Amelia Salzman

Environmental Advocate

Renee Stone

Former Chief of Staff and Associate Solicitor, National Park Service

Andrea Yank

Former Executive Director, Natural Resources Council of America

Lee Botts

Lake Michigan Conservationist

Jerome Ringo

President, Apollo Alliance; Past Chair of National Wildlife Federation

Wendy K. Neu

Trustee, Natural Resources Defense Council and the NY/NJ Baykeeper

Jessica Tuchman Mathews

Former Vice President and Co- Founder, World Resources Institute

Lois Schiffer

Former Assistant Attorney General, Environment and Natural Resources Division, US Department of Justice

Gilman S. Burke

Former Director of Hudson Riverkeeper; Trustee of Open Space Institute; Director of Hastings Center

Richard Lazarus

Professor of Environmental Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Jim Norton

Conservationist and River Guide

Dan Becker

Environmental Consultant

Bonnie Bick

Southern Maryland Environmentalist

Tim Ahern

Former Deputy Communications Director, US Department of the Interior (1998-2001)

Adell Amos

Solar Energy Advocate

John M. Balbus, MD, MPH

Environmental Health Professional

Steve Carlton

President, Minnesota Conservation Organization

Federico Cheever

Professor of Law and Director, Natural Resources Law Program

Cris Fleming

President, Maryland Native Plant Society

Harry Drucker

Illinois Environmental Leader

Dave Freeman

Environmental Leader

Katie Frohardt

Executive Director, Fauna & Flora International

Alan Girard

Chesapeake Bay Advocate

Steve Kretzmann

Executive Director, Oil Change International

Betsy Johnson

Sierra Club, Maryland Chapter

Carol-Grace Butler

Colorado Environmentalist

Rosie Loeffler-Kemp


Gary Machlis

Professor of Conservation, University of Idaho

Michael A. McManus


David Moulton

Former Staff Director and Chief Council, House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming

Sara Nichols

Environmental Activist

Stephanie Pincetl, PhD

Environmental Scholar

Sam Pratt

Environmental Activist; Subject of PBS Documentary "Two Square Miles"

Abigail Spring

Spring Consulting International; Former World Bank Official

Gail Rousseau, MD

Chief of Surgery, Neurologic- Orthopedic Hospital of Chicago

Jessie Stratton

House Chair, Connecticut General Assembly Environment Committee (1993-2003)

Michael Wright

Director, Natural Capital Project

Karrie S. Pitzer

Environmental Advocate

Brigid Shea

Green Consultant, Former City Council Member, Austin, TX

Robert Repetto

Professor, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Denis Hayes

Earth Day Chairman; Former Director of Federal National Renewable Energy Laboratory

John Neu

Environmental Activist

Paul R. Dimond

Former Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

Dolores Milmoe

President, Conservation Federation of Maryland

Neal Fitzpatrick

Executive Director, Audubon Naturalist Society

Edward Norton, Sr.

Conservation Advocate

Burton Richter

Professor of Physics, Stanford University, retired; Nobel Laureate (Physics, 1967)

Zora Lathan

Executive Director, Chesapeake Ecology Center

Steven I. Apfelbaum

Research and Consulting Ecologist

Winsome McIntosh

Founder & President, Rachel Network

Warner Chabot

Vice-President, Ocean Conservancy

Armond Cohen

Energy and Environment Expert

Melissa Dann

Former Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund

David Edwards

Clean Energy Research Analyst

Judy Freeman

Illinois Environmental Leader

Ken Gart

President, Specialty Sports Ventures, LLC

Busy Graham

Maryland Environmentalist

Stewart Hickman

Maryland Environmentalist

Brian F. Keane

President, Smart Power

Burr Gray

Co-Chair, Friends of Cabin John Creek Watershed; Director, Potomac Conservancy

Neal Lurie

Director, National Solar Energy Group

Meg Maguire

Former Deputy Director, Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service, US Department of the Interior (1977-1981)

Rick Murphree

Board of Trustees, Trout Unlimited

Lawrie Mott

Environmental Health Consultant

Terry O'Day

Executive Director, Environment Now

John Powers

Colorado Environmental Coalition Board Member

Christine M. Rossi


Martin Schlageter

Campaign Director, Coalition for Clean Air

Ron Stewart

Former Colorado State Senator, Boulder County Commissioner

Joshua Tulkin

Deputy Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Felice Stadler

Maryland Environmental Leader

Natalie Bocock Turnage


Joe Kruger

Environmental Policy Analyst

Scott Brown

CEO, New Energy Capital Corp.

Eric Van Loon

Former Massachusetts Assistant Secretary, Environmental Affairs and Director, Coastal Management Zone Former Executive Director, Union of Concerned Scientists

Karin Krchnak

International Water Policy Expert

Colin Leyden

Texas Environmentalist


Additional Endorsers as of March 2, 2008

Gus Speth

Dean, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University

James Hightower

Former Texas Agriculture Commissioner and Author

Russell E. Train

Former US EPA Administrator (1973-1977)

Jim Marston

Texas Environmentalist

Matt Balitsaris

Musician and Environmentalist

David S. Beckman

Environmental Advocate

Steven Aceti, JD

Executive Director, California Coastal Coalition

Joshua W. Busby

Assistant Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, Austin

Mitchell W. Berger

Former Member, Board of Governors South Florida Water Management District

Liz Barratt-Brown

Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council

Irene W. Crowe

President, Pettus Crowe Foundation

Scot Case

Vice President, TerraChoice Environmental Marketing

Lynn E. Blais

Leroy G. Denman, Jr. Regents Professor in Real Property Law, University of Texas, School of Law

Roger C. Dower

Former President, Forest Stewardship Council - U.S.

Dan Deeb

Environmental Attorney

James S. Diana

Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

Shannon Eddy

Renewable Energy and Climate Consultant, Conscious Ventures Group

Frances A. Dubrowski

Environmental Attorney

Edgar G. Dymally

Board of Directors, TreePeople

Pete Frost

Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center

Daniel Emmett

Executive Director, Energy Independence Now

Steve French

Managing Partner, Natural Marketing Institute

Amy Hardberger

Texas Environmentalist

Laura Gates

Texas Environmental Activist

Harold Glasser

Sustainable Futures Group and Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Western Michigan University

Ken Kilbert

Associate Professor, University of Toledo College of Law

Jan Hasselman

Environmental Attorney

Myron Hess

Texas Environmentalist

Susan Kaderka

Texas Environmental Activist


Mary Kelly

Texas Environmentalist

Clare Hudspeth

Texas Environmentalist

Rev. Canon Peter G. Kreitler

Founder and Co-Host, EarthTalk Today

Jolie D. Krasinski

Great Lakes Advocate

Paul Hawken


Bill Magavern

California Environmental Leader

Rey Leon

Executive Director, LEAP (Latino Environmental Advancement and Policy Project)

Lauren T. Klein

Director, WELL Network

Jeremy P. Meyers

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin

Russell Long, PhD

Founder, Bluewater Network

Jacques Leslie


Felix O. Oduyemi, AICP

Board Member, Coalition for Clean Air

Amie Nguyen

Social Entrepreneur and Green Living Enthusiast

Deron Lovaas

Transportation and Energy Policy Expert

Wendy Reed

Former US EPA, Energy Star Campaign Manager

Dr. Charles Olmsted

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies, University of Northern Colorado

Barbara McCullough

Texas Environmentalist

Jason Rylander

Staff Attorney, Defenders of Wildlife

Bruce Reznik

Executive Director, San Diego Coastkeeper

Carrie Norton

Energy Innovations (Solar)

Leslie Shad

Board Member, National Wildlife Federation

Guy T. Saperstein

Past President, Sierra Club Foundation

Eric E. Patterson

New Mexico Environmental Activist

Scott Seagren

Illinois Environmental Advocate

Joel Serface

Chairman, Austin Clean Energy Council and Director, Clean Energy Incubator

Gwynne Rogers

Business Director, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability

Geri E. Unger

Ohio Environmental Leader; Director, Funders’ Forum for Environment and Education

W. Douglass Shaw

Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University

Dr. Philip S. Schmidt

Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin


Dr. David Warners

Professor of Biology, Calvin College

Tim S. Stuart

Former Senior Advisor, Office of US EPA Administrator

Kathy Sessions

Environmental Health Advocate

Peter Weiner

Environmental Attorney

C. Bowdoin Train

Trustee, African Wildlife Federation; The Ocean Foundation

Craig Thompson

Western Region Vice Chair, National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors

Tim Reichard

Wildlife Veterinarian and Environmental Activist

Tim Vargo

Research Coordinator, Urban Ecology Center


David Uhlmann

Former Chief of Environmental Crimes Section, U.S. Department of Justice; Director, Environmental Law and Policy Program at University of Michigan Law School

Ian Mishalove

Environmental Leader

Dr. Michael E. Webber

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, U,T Austin; Associate Director, Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy

Susan Wallace

Environmental Activist, Trustee, Wallace Global Fund

Karen Yancey

Trustee, Door County Land Trust

Kathleen A. Welch

Environmental Advocate

Kimberly Weems

Assistant Professor of Statistics, North Carolina State University

Melanie Braithwaite

Chair, Central Ohio Sierra Club Political Committee

Timothy Toben

North Carolina Commission on Global Climate Change; Chairman, University of North Carolina Institute for the Environment

Guy O. Williams

President, Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum

Daniel Barringer

AIA, Principal, Lopiz Design

Richard Woodward

Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University

Ellen Hawkey Carmichael

Ohio Environmental Leader

Kara Kockelman

Associate Professor of Transportation Engineering, University of Texas , Austin

Dale S. Bryson

Water Quality Expert

Scott Elkins

Minnesota Environmental Leader

Alexander Carpenter

Regeneration Project and Interfaith Power and Light, San Francisco

David L. Wade

World Conservation Union, Small Carnivore Group

Jennifer Dickson

Texas Environmentalist

Dr. Richard Corsi

Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Texas, Austin


North Carolina Endorsers as of May 3, 2008

Dr. Viney P. Aneja

Professor of Air Quality and Environmental Technology, NC State University Raleigh

Michele Becker

Environmental Activist Charlotte

John Campbell

Environmental Activist Charlotte

Susan Casper

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

John Crumpler

General Partner, Hatteras Venture Partners Raleigh

John Disher

Central Piedmont Sierra Club, Executive Board Charlotte

Richard Fireman, MD

Environmental Activist Mars Hill

Andrew George

Co-Founder Dogwood Alliance and National Forest Protection Alliance Chapel Hill

Lynne T. Gronback

High School Science Teacher Hillsborough

Marty Hayes

Organic Farmer Chapel Hill

Thomas Henkel, PhD

Sustainable Energy Consulting Chapel Hill

Alan James

Environmentalist Charlotte

Michelle Ker

Environmental Activist Cary

Rep. Grier Martin

NC State Representative, 34th District Raleigh

Janice Olive

Sierra Club Member/Volunteer Charlotte

Tamera Pence

Clean Air Lawn Company, LLC – NC York

L. Richardson Preyer, Jr.

Member, Board of Visitor, Institute for the Environment, UNC-Chapel Hill Hillsborough

Benjamin Rhodes

Environmental Activist Weaverville

Zachary T. Roberts

Dean of the Dogwood Abbey Greensboro

Luke Stemmerman

NC Environmentalist Charlotte

Nina Szlosberg

Conservation Council of NC, Sustainable NC, NC Board of Transportation* Raleigh *organization listed for identification purposes only

Amy Page Tienmann

Environmentalist Chapel Hill

Tatiana Vujic

Environmental Policy Expert Chapel Hill

Kimberly Weems

Assistant Professor of Statistics, NC State University Chapel Hill

Gray Wilson

Environmental Activist Carrboro

Lisa Zerkle

Renewable Energy Activist Charlotte

John Avery

President, UNC Charlotte Earth Club Charlotte

Andy Blackmore

Environmental Activist Carrboro

Sandi Campbell

Environmental Activist Siler City

Carrie Clark

Conservation Council of NC* Raleigh

*organization listed for identification purposes only

Michael Cucchiara

Managing Member, Greenbridge Developments, LLC Chapel Hill

Rusty Dixon

Environmentalist Charlotte

Kevin C. Foy

Mayor, Chapel Hill Chapel Hill

Gary R. Grant

Environmental Activist Tillery

Richard Harkrader

Chief Executive Officer, Carolina Solar Energy LLC Durham

Barron Henderson

Environmental Activist Raleigh

Kori Higgs

Environmental Activist Charlotte

Anna Jane Joyner

High Schoool Environmental Studies Teacher Moravian Falls

Senator Eleanor Kinnaird

NC State Senator, 23rd District Carrboro

Gabriel McGowan

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

Cassie Parsons

NC Environmentalist Denver

Robert M. Perkowitz

President, ecoAmerica Charlotte

Aaron Ramsey

Green Team Chairman Charlotte

Simon Rich

Chairman, NC Environmental Defense; Chairman, Center for Environmental Farming Systems Edenton

Tom Roche

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

Sarah Stoneking

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

Melanie Taylor, BA, EMT

NA II Environmentalist Chapel Hill

Tim Toben

Chairman, UNC Institute for the Environment; member, NC Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change Chapel Hill

Christa Wagner

NC Environmental Leader Durham

Don Wells

Instructor, Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment Cedar Grove

Omega R. Wilson

President, West End Revitalization Association Mebane

Will McDow

Environmental Analyst Durham

Jessica Barber

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

Brian Buzby

Executive Director, NC Environmental Network* Durham *organization listed for identification purposes only

Nancy Carter

City Council member Charlotte

Kristin Coracini

Environmental Professional Raleigh

Joan Cuthbertson

Environmental Activist Charlotte

Margaret Farland

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

Colleen Frenzel

Environmentalist Charlotte

Herman F. Greene

President, Center for Ecozoic Studies Chapel Hill

Rep. Pricey Harrison

NC State Representative, 5th District Greensboro

Mary Henderson

Staff Attorney, Land Loss Prevention Project* Carrboro *organization listed for identification purposes only

Edie Irons

Environmental Activist Charlotte

Jessi Kemp

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

Jessica Lewis

Environmental Activist Carrboro

Brownie Newman

Political Director, Conservation Council of North Carolina Asheville

Fawn Pattison

Toxic Free NC Raleigh

Frank Phoenix

Manager, Fenwick Foundation Chapel Hill

Lisa Renstrom

Director, ecoAmerica, President, Sierra Club (2005-07) Charlotte

Meredith Robbins

UNC Sustainability Community Carrboro

Barbara G. Smith

Environmental Activist Greensboro

Brian Symser

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

Michael Tiemann

Board Member, Center for Environmental Farm Systems Chapel Hill

Ivan Urlaub

Executive Director, North Carolina Sustainble Energy Association Durham

Tim Wander

Environmental Activist Chapel Hill

Daniel Whittle

Oceans Law and Policy Expert Carrboro

Ella Wise

Environmental Activist Stone Ridge

Jim Stephenson

Coastal Envrionmental Policy Director Morehead City

Oregon Endorsers as of May 17, 2008

Jeff Allen

Former Executive Director, Oregon Environmental Council

Adell Amos

Solar Energy Advocate

Dave Bahr

Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center

Dave Becker

Oregon Environmental Lawyer

Rick Bernardi

Environmental Attorney

Sam Blackman

Former Chair, Multnomah County Chapter, Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Congressman Earl Blumenauer

United States House of Representatives, 3rd District

Loren Boggs

Environmental Advocate

David Bragdon

Metro Council President

Tom Buchele

Managing Attorney and Clinical Professor, Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center at Lewis and Clark Law School

Charlie Burr

Board Member, Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Rep. Ben Cannon

State Representative, District 46

Jeff Cogen

Multnomah County Commissioner

Stuart Cowan

Co-Author of Ecological Design

Robert P. Davison

Former Deputy Asst. Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, U.S. Department of the Interior

Dominick A. DellaSala, Ph.D

Forest Ecologist

Michael Dennis

Environmental Advocate

Brian Detman

Vice President, Metropolitan Group

Diane Dulken


Angus Duncan

President, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Sara Denniston Eddie

Sustainability Advisor and Environmental Lawyer

Christine Ervin

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council

LeeAnn Friedman


Pete Frost

Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center

William Funk

Jeffrey Bain Scholar and Professor of Law, Lewis and Clark Law School
Lake Oswego

Jennifer Gannett

Environmental Attorney

Ruby Gates

Principal, MarketShift Strategies

Nathan Good

Environmental Advocate

Kathryn Keenan Gray

Passive Solar/Green Home Designer/Sustainable Practices Activist

Rev. Vernon A. Groves

Environmental Leader with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Dani Guralnick

Environmental Supporter

Jeff Hammarlund

Oregon Environmental Leader and Professor

Doug Heiken

Oregon Forest Conservationist

Ashley Henry

Renewable Energy Advocate

Jamie Hogue

Environmental Activist

Fred Heutte

Chair, Global Warming & Energy Committee, Sierra Club

Jonathan L. Jelen

Old-Growth Campaign Coordinator, Oregon Wild

Scott Jerger

Environmental Attorney

Craig Johnston

Environmental Law Professor and Author

Stephen Kafoury

Chair, Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Elizabeth Kaufman

Environmental Advocate
Beaver Creek

Sarah Keeney

Network Coordinator for Western Mining Action Network

Katharine W. Kimball

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere, U.S. Department of Commerce

Jules Kopel-Bailey

Sustainable Development Specialist

Gerik Kransky

Environmental Leader

Eli Lamb

Principal, Green Lightning Consulting

Rhett Lawrence

Policy Analyst, Save Our Wild Salmon and Co-President, Recycling Advocates

Eric Lemelson

Environmental Advocate

Christopher Len

Legal Director of Oregon Non- Profit Environmental Center

Robert Liberty

Past Chair Board of Directors, Oregon League of Conservation Voters; former Executive Director 1000 Friends of Oregon; former Board member Columbia River Gorge

Eric Loebel

Business Development Director for Environmental Publisher

Jim Martin

Oregon Fishery Biologist and Salmon Conservationist

Sef McCullough

Environmental Advocate

Regna Merritt

Executive Director, Oregon Wild

Kate LaRiche Moore

Environmental Attorney

Brian Newman

Former Metro Councilor
Lake Oswego

Pramod Parajuli

Environmental Advocate

Steve Pedery

Conservation Director, Oregon Wild (formerly Oregon Natural Resources Council)

Ron Pernick

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Clean Edge, Inc.

Kristie Perry

Development Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Lynn Peterson

Chair, Clackamas County Commission

Tram Pham

Environmental Leader

Scott Pratt

Environmental Leader

Douglas Quirke

Environmental Attorney

Matt Reed

Wind Energy Development Professional

Lauren Regan

Director, Civil Liberties Defense Center

Henry Richmond

Incorporator, OSPIRG; Founder, 1000 Friends of Oregon; Founder American Land Institute

Francie Royce

Board Member, Green Empowerment

Dianne Safford

Oregon Environmental Activist

Dick A. Schouten

Washington County Commissioner

Karen G. Schouten

Environmental Advocate

Jennifer Schwartz

Public Interest Environmental Attorney

Eric Shriner

Environmental Advocate

John Sorenson

Co-Founder, Sunnyside Neighborhood Energy Initiative; Co-Founder Element Energy LLC

Eric Stachon

Award Winning Environmental Filmmaker

Jane Steadman

Executive Committee Member, Sierra Club Columbia Group; Law Student pursuing JD and certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Daniel J. Stotter

Environmental Attorney

Barbara Strossv Science Educator

Maura Anne Burns Sullivan

Environmental Attorney; Sea and Marine Reserve Advocate

Chris Taylor

Director of Development, Horizon Wind Energy

Charlie Tebbutt

Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center

Erica Jayne Thorson

Clinical Professor of Law & Staff Attorney International Environmental Law Project, Lewis and Clark Law School

Louise Tippens

Founding Director of Earth Share of Oregon

Seth Truby

Co-Founder, Sunnyside Neighborhood Energy Initiative

Randy Tucker

Former Board Member, Oregon League of Conservation Voters; Former Legislative Director, 1000 Friends of Oregon; Environmental Advocate, Oregon PIRG

Adam Zielinski

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Entrepreneur Portland

Signers of this letter have signed as individuals. The views expressed in this letter in no way express those of their affiliated organizations or institutions.

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