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TV ad falsifies and exaggerates in order to tie Obama to Ayers

Not even discredited Swift Boat smear peddler Jerome Corsi would claim that William Ayers "launched" Barack’s career, but fellow Swift Boater Harrold Simmons does just that in a loathsome new ad.

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Barack Obama does not display a flag on his campaign plane

Since Barack Obama renovated his campaign plane in July 2008, there has been a false rumor that the new exterior did not include an American flag on the outside of the plane.

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SMEAR: John McCain is attacking Barack Obama for not visiting wounded troops

John McCain, his spokesmen, and his TV ads have all been politicizing our heroes overseas by making the false claim that Barack Obama snubbed wounded troops by not visiting them on his foreign trip.

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SMEAR: Barack Obama didn't take time for the troops.

Conservative blogs, referencing an inaccurate email from abroad, have been spreading the rumor that Barack Obama gave troops the cold shoulder on his foreign trip.

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SMEAR: Michelle Obama isn't proud of her country.

Michelle Obama's comments about her pride in her country have been taken out of context, again, by both the Tennessee and Washington State Republican parties in paid advertisements attacking Michelle.

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SMEAR: An email claims that Barack Obama wants to tax your home, IRA, & even your water.

A rapidly spreading email is tricking thousands—if not millions—of Americans with outrageous lies and misrepresentations about Barack Obama's tax policies.

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SMEAR: Michelle Obama Says “Whitey” On a Tape

Michelle Obama is a successful attorney, a loving mother, and a respectful person. But Rush Limbaugh and his fellow right-wing attack-dogs have been spreading baseless rumors about a non-existent video tape showing Michelle Obama using a racial epithet.

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SMEAR: Barack Obama can't produce his birth certificate

Barack Obama was born in America, and his story could only happen here. But some smear-mongers claim he can't produce his birth certificate and that he is not a natural-born citizen.

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SMEAR: Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim

Barack is a committed Christian who was sworn into the Senate on his family bible, but unscrupulous right-wing operatives are repeating the lie that he was raised a Muslim. These assertions are completely false and designed to play into the worst kind of stereotypes.
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SMEAR: Obama's Books Contain Racially Incendiary Remarks

Barack believes in racial reconciliation based on our mutual responsibility to ourselves and each other. But a recent email forward quotes alterations, deliberate manipulations, and an outright fabrication of Obama's words on race and religion as fact.

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SMEAR: Barack Obama Won't Say the Pledge of Allegiance & He Won't Put His Hand Over His Heart

Barack Obama's grandfather, a WWII veteran, taught him the Pledge of Allegiance and inspired his strong love of this country. There's even video of Barack honoring the flag, but people who want to tear him down claim he refuses to put his hand over his heart or say the Pledge.

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