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How to Flag Objectionable Comments

Commenting on blog posts is a great way to discuss issues that matter to you. Occasionally, you may see a comment that is objectionable, inappropriate, or obscene. Please flag these comments so our administrators can remove them as quickly as possible.

What Are Objectionable Comments?

Comments that are offensive or that personally attack another user will not be tolerated. Engaging in discussion and debate is an important part of the Blog, but please do not descend into personal attacks.

Occasionally, you will disagree with another user. But this does not make their comment objectionable or offensive. Users of this site come from different backgrounds and perspectives, which makes for a lively and interesting discussion. Sometimes you will disagree, that's OK.

Flag a Comment

To flag a comment as objectionable or offensive, simply click the flag button beneath the comment you deem inappropriate.

Next, you will be prompted to confirm. Click YES, FLAG INAPPROPRIATE COMMENT. Our administrators will be alerted to the comment, and they will respond promptly.

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