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Republican for Obama Endorsements

Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee, former United States Senator of Rhode Island

"As I looked at the candidates in order who to vote for, certainly my kind of conservatism was reflected with Senator Obama, and those points are that we're fiscally conservative, we care about revenues, matching expenditures, we also care about the environment, I think it's a traditional conservative value to care about clean air and clean water. Senator Obama's terrific on that issue. Personal liberties, such as the first amendment, the fourth amendment, a woman's reproductive freedoms, Senator Obama's strong on that. I consider that traditional conservatism. Senator Obama is a leader in speaking out against the war in Iraq. Using the tools of government to help the less fortunate, I consider that traditional conservatism. Give everybody an equal shot. And Senator Obama is terrific on those issues. So I consider myself a traditional conservative, and Senator Obama has voted consistently in my kind of conservatism."

Donald Capoccia

Donald Capoccia Vice Chair, US Commission of Fine Arts

"Our country needs a leader with a fresh perspective on foreign relations. Barack Obama is the only candidate who provides us with an opportunity for a hopeful, productive and direct dialogue with countries around the globe. He's a willing listener with an ability to achieve consensus who can strengthen the United States' pre-eminent standing among our global partners."
Douglas W. Kmiec

Douglas W. Kmiec, Head of the Office of Legal Counsel to Presidents Reagan & Bush (41)

“I was first attracted to government by Ronald Reagan, who lives in our national memory as a great leader and an inspiring communicator.

Sen. Obama has these gifts as well, but of course, mere rhetorical flourish without defensible substance would be worth little. Is there more to Sen. Obama? I believe there is.

President Reagan often said his proudest achievement was making America feel good about itself again. Sen. Obama is trying to give us genuine reason to have that feeling again. Indeed, he may have already partially succeeded. Having taught several generations of students over 35 years, I have never seen young people more alive and interested in the political process. His witness is encouraging them to look to civic and public involvement as a way of finding their own purpose—a purpose that they intuitively want to be in service to others.”

Jackson M Andrews

Jackson M. Andrews, Republican Counsel to the U.S. Senate. Republican nominee, U.S. Senate from Kentucky

"Barack Obama is a thoughtful visionary leader who as President will end the decline of American law, liberty, and fiscal responsibility that are the hallmarks of the extremist policies of the current Administration, now adopted by John McCain. Obama will restore traditional American values that most Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, want reflected in their government and by their President. Electing McCain will just extend for four more years our long national nightmare, and further erode the strength of our Nation."

Jim Leach

Jim Leach, former Congressman from Iowa

“I also have no doubt that a lot of Republicans and independents are going to be attracted to his call for a new era of non-ideological, bipartisan decision-making… For me, the national interest comes before party concerns, particularly internationally. We do need a new direction in American policy, and Obama has a sense of that. He recognizes that a long-term occupation of Iraq is not only expensive, it's extremely dangerous to the American interests.”
Rita E Hauser

Rita E. Hauser, New York City, international lawyer and former member of President Bush's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

“The invasion of Iraq was an error with serious geo-political consequences. Obama promises an orderly and responsible U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, whereas McCain will continue our combat involvement throughout his term in office. McCain will continue the wrong-headed foreign policy decisions of Bush, while Obama will take us in a new direction."
Robert A G Monks

Robert A.G. Monks, Attorney

“When I have asked Barack Obama a question, I have the distinct feeling that there is a person, an intellect, a sensitivity who is responding. This is rare in politics and unique in the presidential politics of 2008.”
Don Kaul

Don Kaul, Intellectual Property Attorney and Arts Patron

"The past eight years have been a disaster for America. Internationally, a needless war drains our Treasury and kills and maims our armed forces. Hamas rules Gaza, Hezbollah rules Lebanon, Iran and North Korea actively pursue nuclear capability, Afghanistan and Pakistan are crumbling, several countries in South America are now adversaries, Russia is resurgent, and America is despised by many former friends. Domestically, the economy is in shambles and science has been subverted to religious fundamentalist doctrine. This is the sad legacy of the Bush Administration, which John McCain supported over 90% of the time. We cannot let a McCain-Palin Administration continue with these ruinous policies. As Republicans we have to put country before party."
John Martin

John Martin, Founder of

"The U.S. is ready for a leader like Barack Obama. For years, both parties have been more concerned with serving the special interests then they've been in addressing the long-term challenges we face. We will never be able to lower healthcare costs, become more energy independent or address our nation's outdated infrastructure needs until we change the way politics is done in our country.

Barack Obama has rejected the divisive politics that has held us back as a nation. Instead of demonizing the other side, he works to bring people together in common purpose. As President, I'm confident that Obama will help unite all Americans and get our country moving forward again."

Richard Schwartz

Richard J. Schwartz, Chairman, New York State Council on the Arts

"Our country has been going in the wrong direction for the past eight years. Barack Obama has the vision and the leadership ability to restore our way of life and our standard of living here at home and our stature around the world."
Todd Garrett

Todd Garrett, retired Senior VP and CIO of the Procter & Gamble Company

“The U.S. now faces some of the most serious economic and international issues ever. The Republican party over the past 8 years has failed in several critical areas of vital importance to the future of our country - clear strategic thinking and action in foreign policy, fiscal responsibility, no sensible National energy policy, health care, social security, education, immigration and the environment. Our country has now become so politically divided and polarized it is almost paralyzed. We need a leader who can help unite the American people again to move us ahead on these crucial areas. Barack Obama, (and his entire campaign team), have demonstrated the vision, leadership skill, intellect and political acumen to do this.”
Richard B. Stewart

Richard B. Stewart, Assistant Attorney General for Environment and Natural Resources

"Barack Obama understands how our reckless use of petroleum and other fossil fuels has deeply harmed our economy, our environment, and our security. He has the intelligence, vision, and commitment to lead a national effort to build a productive, and healthy low-carbon economy that will mobilize private initiatives to create jobs and ensure a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. This is a Republican agenda."

Jim Whitaker, Fairbanks, Alaska Mayor

“If we are as a nation concerned with energy, then our consideration should be a national energy policy that is not predicated on crude oil 50 years into the future. We need to get to it, and I think Barack Obama is very clear in that regard.”

Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr., Executive Chairman of Thorium Power Ltd.

"My view was and is that one should choose one of our two great national Parties and stay with your choice. But that doesn't mean that you should always vote with that Party, we are all Americans first. We live in a very dangerous and complicated world and the threats are real. In the interest of the future prosperity and security of our country, a fundamental change-which must include a change of Party-in the leadership of our country is needed. Under the current circumstances I do not believe that the Republican Party can lead our country out of the disastrous situation that we are now in, but I believe that the Democratic Party, under the leadership of Barrack Obama, can."
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See how President Obama is fighting for the middle class.

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