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Hope Action Change
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Thank you! We want to see the event you hosted or attended! Send us your photos, upload your video, blog about your event. Everything you do to spread the word about today helps us move forward.

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Your Event

Here are five things that you can do at your Get Together:

(1) Meet and Greet
Get people together, talking, and socializing. Provide food and drink for people to share.

(2) Watch the DVD
If you registered before Wednesday March 29th, you should be receiving a DVD and resource packet in the mail. The DVD contains messages from Barack and Michelle, as well as a presentation of Barack's background and positions.

(3) Participate in the simulcast
Barack will be attending his own event in Iowa, which you can tune into at 3:00 p.m. Central on the website.

(4) Plan an organizing meeting
Set out a time to have an organizing meeting. Plan to meet again to formulate action items your group can take in your own local community to begin to build the movement.

(5) Talk about the importance of donating to the campaign
The campaign can only succeed with the financial support of the people who believe in it. Encourage your attendees to give money either on the website or by check at your gathering. For details, on how to submit, check out our Resources page.

How to Prepare

Some tips to make your get together sucessful:

Who to Invite
Invite people from all backgrounds, including those who know and already support Barack Obama and those who might need to know more about him. Invite family, friends, and neighbors.

What to Provide
Think about providing food and drink at your event. Ask some of you attendees to consider bringing something.

After Your Event

Things you can do to keep the momentum going:

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