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How to Join a Group

Groups are a great way for like-minded individuals to connect and communicate about issues that matter.

Finding a Group

There is such a wide variety of Groups on, chances are you'll find one that fits your interest. First, from the homepage, click the GROUPS button.

Here, you have two options to find a group. The Quick Search buttons allow you to view recently created groups, most active groups, and the groups with the most members.

Or, you can search for a group in the Find a Group section. In this section, you can search by Keyword, Zip Code, or by State. Check the box to apply the search to the group descriptions.

Browsing Your Search Results

Each search method will display a list of results beneath the Fina a Group section. Here you can browse your search results, and select the group you wish to join.

Joining a Group

Clicking on the group's title will direct you to its homepage. Here, if the group is public, you can join the group by clicking the Join Group button.

If the group is private, you can request to join, but you must wait for the group's administrator to approve your request.

Remember, if you can't find a group to your liking, you can always start your own group.

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