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Obama Iowa TV Ads


The ad titled "Carry" chronicles Senator Obama’s eight years in the Illinois State Senate and his success in working with Democrats and Republicans to achieve goals that they only talk about in Washington, DC. In Illinois, Senator Obama built bipartisan coalitions to pass sweeping ethics reform, extend health care to 150,000 people and offer tax relief to low-income workers.

For years, they’ve been talking about these issues in Washington, but Senator Obama was a leader in reaching across party lines to make progress on these priorities in Illinois. Bringing people together across partisan lines stands in contrast to the current way of doing things in Washington, DC, and it’s exactly the kind of leadership Americans are searching for.


The ad titled “Choices,” highlights Senator Obama’s years in Chicago. He first came to Chicago as a community organizer to work with a group of churches in a community that felt abandoned and powerless as local steel mills closed. During his time as a community organizer, Barack persuaded local residents that they could effect real change and they did – block by block.

After graduating from Harvard, he passed up big money offers to return to Chicago and run a voter registration drive – once again devoting himself to the local community and to making people’s lives better.

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