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Back On the Ground:
Organizing for America Listening Tours

Organizing for America is launching a series of Listening Tours throughout the country to reconnect with supporters and begin to build on the incredible grassroots organization that was created during the campaign.

We have one goal with these meetings -- to listen.

Your ideas will be used to help write state-specific plans for Organizing for America in 2009 and beyond.

Help plan the next step:

At these meetings, supporters are able to meet state staff members, hear about some of the lessons learned during the election, and offer thoughts on how best to organize in their communities.

Your ideas will then be used to write state-specific plans for Organizing for America in 2009 and beyond.

In many ways these small (and sometimes not so small) gatherings echo the same type of meetings that took place in diners and homes in the early days of the campaign, over two years ago. This time however, the focus is not on any one election, but on how to build support for the President's agenda on a wide range of issues, and how to bring about the change that so many of you worked so hard for.

The campaign brought an unprecedented number of new voices into the process. Our goal now is to make sure those voices remain at the center of the debate as the President and Congress move forward to address the challenges we face.

Listening Tours have already kicked off in more than a dozen states, and we'll be announcing tours in additional states throughout the summer.