Call on your Own

Anyone can call into important battleground states at any time from anywhere. If you can pick up a telephone, you can use our calling system to talk to potential supporters.

This is the most important election in a generation, and the fate of the country is in your hands. Your voice is the most powerful thing you have. Use it.

Pick up the phone and get started calling from your home now.

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Call at an Event

There are thousands of phonebanking events happening every week. A lot of the time, it can be fun to meet other Obama supporters at an event near you.

Some events are small and in other people's homes. Others are large phonebanking events at community centers or union halls.

Enter your zip code below to get a map of your area and the upcoming events.

Want to host your own event?

Host with Friends

Bringing together some of your friends and neighbors an afternoon or evening of phonebanking is fun and extremely helpful to the campaign.

We've put together a phonebank house party guide, which you can use to help you in your planning efforts.

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Host a Larger Event

We need committed individuals who are willing to host a large phonebank (100+ attendees) in their communities. We'll help you build your event – all you have to do is commit to running it on the ground!

If you're interested, let us know!

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