Find an Organizing for Health Care
Event Near You

When we all get together, and organize door-by-door, block-by-block, and neighborhood-by-neighborhood, we can build a movement from coast to coast.

It's how we won a historic election -- and it's how we'll make real, comprehensive health insurance reform a reality in 2009.

Our representatives are returning home for their August break, yet the health insurance reform debate is far from settled. We can still pass real health insurance reform in 2009, but we need to use every day we have to build strong, local support so that when Congress goes back to Washington, they know they have to deliver.

So OFA volunteers like you will be knocking on doors, making calls to neighbors, and attending public events to build the local support for health care reform we need to pass a strong final bill. If you can spare an hour or two for health insurance reform, now is when we need you.