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Signs of Hope and Change

We wanted to show your faces -- the faces behind this movement -- on the biggest night of the campaign so far.

We asked you to submit your photos from your Convention Watch Parties as you gathered to watch Barack accept the Democratic nomination and start organizing to bring about the change we seek.

Enjoy this slideshow we've put together from the hundreds of submissions we've received. Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos!

Be the face of change in your area.

Barack can't do this by himself. We're each going to need to do our part in the remaining days to grow this movement for change in our communities.

Find potential supporters near you and reach out to them when it's convenient for you using our online tool, called Neighbor to Neighbor.

We'll provide you with a list of names and a script to guide your conversation. When you have time, you'll have a conversation with those voters and the report back your results online.

Election Day is just 60 days away. Get active now!