Download Videos

You can download campaign videos to your hard drive and create your own homemade DVDs to use in your organizing events or to give away.

Meet Barack Video
Length: 5:45

Meet Michelle
Length: 3:21

Austin Rally
Length: 4:41

Neighbor to Neighbor Training Video #1
Length: 4:35

Neighbor to Neighbor Training Video #2
Length: 4:35

Length: 4:35

Length: 2:15

Springfield Anouncement
Length: 22:03

Oakland Rally
Length: 4:35

Walk for Change Training Video
Length: 3:45

Iowa Healthcare
Length: 4:10

February 5th Victory Speech

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Unity, NH.
Length: 10:59

Instructions for creating a DVD

(1) Click on one of the above videos and choose where to save the file. Note the location and file name for future reference.

(2) Download software that will enable you to convert the video file to the correct format to burn onto a DVD.

Windows users can use free software provided by DVDFlick. Mac users can use iDVD, which should come pre-installed on most recently released computers.

You can burn the video file unconverted directly to a DVD without software, but it will only be playable on computers and not on home theater DVD systems.

(3) After the downloads have finished, open your DVD-burner program and follow the instructions.