Unite for Change Host Guide

Host a Unite for Change house meeting on Saturday, June 28th to welcome more people into this movement and share your excitement about turning the page on the divisive politics of the past with friends of all political persuasions.

This guide will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to host a successful Unite for Change event and bring your community together.

Here are the experiences of a few supporters who have already been involved in unifying our country for change:

“This is not about Democrats and Republicans, this is about Americans coming together to take back our country from corporate America and special interests! Making our government work for us again!” – Kenya from Grand Blanc, MI.

“Regardless of the differences we've had in this campaign we truly are united in our hopes, our passions, and our ideals.” - William from Madison, WI.

“It is time for us to work together to achieve the American vision that both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have showed us. We are family-we are people who care about each other and we will prevail over fear and division this November.” - Teresa from Vinton, VA.

“Together we Americans can do anything! We can fix any problem, face down any adversary and overcome any obstacle! Every voice we add, every pair of feet, every moment each person can spare brings us one step closer to getting our country back on track!” – Kim from Pasadena, CA.

Join Barack in unifying our nation and inspiring all Americans to get involved in the political process to work for change. Use this guide to start planning your own Unite for Change event.

Step 1: Register your Event

Take a moment to register your event online. Registering your event online means you’ll get your own page for your event, be able to send an invite to your friends, track who is planning on attending, and send details and reminders to your attendees.

Here are some things to keep in mind while creating your event:
  • Select Unite for Change as your event type.
  • Make your event searchable if you'd like to allow supporters on My.BarackObama to RSVP. Make your event unsearchable if you wish only to invite friends and family.

Step 2: Invite Friends, Neighbors, and Colleagues.

Start with people you know. Think about friends, family, colleagues and neighbors, despite their political affiliation or past political involvement. This is a chance to bring Democrats, Republicans and Independents together to share common hopes, goals, and ideals. Aim to invite at least 50 people, to ensure you have 15-20 people in attendance.

You may also want to reach out to your larger community. You can find your local My.BarackObama group and invite members to attend by emailing the group's listserv. You can create your own event flyers and post them at your local coffee shop, grocery store, or library.

Encourage all of your attendees to RSVP for your event so you know how many people to expect. Send an email to all of your attendees using the Email Attendees link on the Manage Your Events page a day or two before the event to remind everyone of the event’s details.

Step 3: Get your Materials in Order

There are some things you should have ready before your Unite for Change event.

Host Resources
This includes extra resources for planning your event.
Download the host resources.

Event Flyers
Create a personalized event flyer.

Sheets
This is the form that you will want to have all your attendees use to sign in.
Download the form.

Unite for Change DVD.
You can view the video from your computer during the event or create your own DVD.
Download the Unite for Change video.

Issue Flyers
Think about printing out flyers detailing Barack’s positions on important issues.

Other materials you may want to have on hand:

Obama Merchandise. If you’d like to provide your guests with buttons or show your pride with an Obama t-shirt, you can find these items and others in the Obama Store. Vote for Change information. Start planning now to encourage your guests to participate in a voter registration drive during the July 4th weekend.
Download Vote for Change planning materials.
Camera. Don't forget to take pictures and share them with us after the event.

This agenda is meant only to be a suggestion to guide you in your activities. Feel free to organize your Unite for Change event according to your preferences.

Sample Schedule:

Welcome from Host – 5 minutes

Introduce yourself and ask your guests to sign-in.
Share what inspired you to become involved with the campaign. Your openness will help set the tone for the rest of the event.
Explain why you are hosting this Unite for Change meeting.

Show Unite for Change Video and Discuss Reactions – 25 minutes

Around the Room Introductions and Discussion Encourage your guests to introduce themselves and share why they are involved.
Ask how your guests have been active in this community and what inspired them to become active.
Everyone has a unique story and sharing these stories will help create unity.

The Next Step – 10 minutes Stress the importance of continued involvement.
Encourage your guests to host a house meeting of their own.
Ask all attendees to participate in the July 4th weekend Vote for Change voter registration drive.

Closing – 5 minutes Collect all sign-in sheets.
Thank your guests for their involvement and participation.

Capture Information
Enter your sign-in sheets online.

If you'd prefer, you can mail sign-in sheets to:
Obama for America Attn: New Media 233 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1100 Chicago, IL 60601

Thank your guests.
Send individual thank you emails to all of your guests. Follow up with those who committed to participate in the July 4th weekend Vote for Change voter registration drive. For those who didn't sign up to volunteer, thank them for coming and make sure to let them know about your next event.

Share Your Feedback
How was your Unite for Change event? What worked best? Share your ideas for future hosts. Write a blog and send your photos to photos@barackobama.com.

You just helped Barack get one step closer to victory! Begin planning to register new voters at a Vote for Change event on the July 4th weekend to bring new voices into this movement! It's people like you that make this campaign for change possible.