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Tutorial -Download and Make a DVD from web video

Watch the Tutorial.

A video tutorial to downloading and burning dvds from web videos.; A video tutorial to downloading and burning dvds from web videos.

To download the tutorial to your computer, right click on this link and choose "Save Link As."

(A DVD quality version is available here)

Many web users watch a video online and wish that they could save it onto their computer to play for others, or even burn it to a DVD.  This presentation is a simple guide to enable you do just that.

Or you can visit this page and encode some of our Best Videos from Barack TV to burn your own DVD's’s latest version of Real Player puts the world of online videos in your hands.  From web sites such as YouTube or our own Barack TV on, you now have the ability to download online videos in a matter of seconds.  After you download them, you can either save them onto your computer or burn them to a DVD that you can share with friends or at house parties.  

To begin, first go to to download the new version of RealPlayer.  On the first page that appears, click the link that says Get RealPlayer Free.  

A download page should open next.   The link to start downloading RealPlayer will appear near the top of the page to the right.  Below the link will be instructions for the installation and saving process.  For internet users with dial-up service, the installer prompt may take up to one minute to appear. 

Once the downloading process begins, a series of dialogue boxes will appear.  Simply click the highlighted link, which will say "OK" or "Run."  A terms and conditions page will appear after downloading has successfully completed.  Read this page and click Accept at the bottom. 

Now that RealPlayer has downloaded to your computer, you will see a dialogue box asking under what file you want to save RealPlayer.  You will also be given the option to make Real Player your preferred media player. 

An important thing to remember during this part of the process: make sure the option “Enable browser download button” is checked.  If you are asked to close your web browser to complete the installation, be certain that your other work is saved and then click OK. 

Now, the installation will run.  When the final dialogue box appears, click Finish.  Afterwards, your Real Player will be installed and ready to launch.

Once the installation is complete, we can move on to the second step of the process: downloading videos.  Having Real Player installed, its plugin will be ready to use on your web browser so that all you have to do is navigate to the video you want to download and do the following: 

To complete the final step and burn a DVD, make sure all of the videos you want to burn are located in your RealPlayer library.  Starting from your RealPlayer library, you can select which videos you want to burn by holding the Shift and Alt keys on your keyboard.  In the Tasks panel, click Video Burner and select Add Selected Clips.  This will add the videos you selected in your library to the video burning queue.   When you are done adding clips to the video burner, click the Burn/Transfer tab to go to your video burner. 

If you want to burn a CD with the video files you selected, choose CD Burner from the Current Burner/Device menu.  If you want to burn a DVD to play in a DVD player, click the DVD/VCD burner.  Just drag the clips into the order you would like to play them on your CD or DVD.  Once you are satisfied with your choices, click the green Burn Video to Disc button and follow the instructions to burn your disc. 

Once complete, you will be ready to share your favorite videos with family, friends, and fellow supporters.

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