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Action Planning Session Invite supporters to a group meeting to plan local OFA actions.
Affordable Care Act Community Outreach Host a Community Outreach event to help share information about the Affordable Care Act in your community. These events can include canvassing, flyering, setting up information tables, letter writing events, and press events.
Climate Change Event Host an event as part of our push for a national conversation on climate change. This could include a planning meeting, rally, phone bank, or partner event.
Community Engagement Event -- Community Service Organize a community service event and invite supporters to join you in bringing about change at a local level.
Gun Violence Prevention Event Gun violence prevention events including vigils, rallies, office visits to demand action on gun violence prevention legislation.
Immigration Campaign Events Host an event to talk about immigration issues. This could include a planning meeting, office visit, phone bank, and partner events.
OFA Training Train other supporters on important volunteer activities such as Camp OFA, Telling Your Pesonal Story, digital trainings, building neighborhood teams and the OFA Organizing Model.
Stand with Women Event Host a Stand with Women action event and be part of the conversation on issues that affect women—from access to affordable and quality healthcare, workplace equity, economic security and leadership opportunities.