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cd2 Mtns - Watch the Award-winnning Movie "Chasing Ice" and open your eyes to Climate Change (Day of Action)
You will be stunned at the work they went through to watch the Arctic glaciers disappear! The film is only just over an hour - well worth watching!

After the film, I'll show a few additional slides (from Climate Reality Project) with more up to date info on what's happening in the Arctic (not long, just like 10 min of slides).

After the film, we can discuss or go home and think about the reality of the situation we are in.

There are no other "activities" planned after watching this Awesome film and hearing a bit of updated info.

So bring your popcorn and enjoy! :)

PS - if you RSVP to this event, please make sure to enter your full name and phone/email. Many RSVP without that info and I have no way to contact you. The system does not fill it in.

Host: Cynthia Schmidt
Cynthia's House (Morrison, CO)
7511 S Homesteader Dr
Morrison, CO 80465

If coming Conifer/Evergreen, take Hwy 285 South

The county has still not replaced the Settlers Drive exit sign from this direction. SO after you pass King Soopers, keep your eyes open on the RIGHT side of the hwy till you see the "Stop 4 Gas" station (also Mexican restaurant).

Once you see that, the LEFT turn onto Settlers Drive will be about 1.2 miles past that gas station. It is NOT easy to see in the dark with out the sign. :( If you miss it, I'd recommend turning around at Sourdough drive, because it's easy to get lost if you try to follow your gps using Sourdough.

PS - when turning LEFT on to Settlers, you will see Firestation right there on Settlers. Aross the hwyon the RIGHT will be a church.

Take Settlers Drive exit from Hwy 285. Turn LEFT (just past the firestation) onto Homesteader Drive.

Go 1.3 miles up Homesteader and our house is on the LEFT. There is a post with address numbers.

We are between Sanger and Plowshare, so if you go past Plowshare, turn around, you just missed us.

REALLY, we are easy to find - I just worry about the missing sign now that we're driving in the dark

Call or email if need more info.

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