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State of the Union Watch Party hosted by Stand Up!/Free DC! (- State of the Union Watch Party)
Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (Free DC!) will host a State of the Union Watch Party on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 8 pm in hopes that President Obama will respond to our appeal that he publicly support DC Statehood in his all-important speech. We trust that the President will include DC Statehood among his highest priorities for 2013. Over 92% of DC residents again voted for the President in this past election and we trust that he has heard our request that he will support first-class citizenship and equality for us through DC Statehood. Stand Up! recently urged DC residents and their family and friends around America to contact the White House to urge the President to speak out on our right as tax-paying citizens to full voting representation in the US House and Senate, final say on our locally raised budget, final say on our local legislation, the right to appoint or elect our local judges and prosecutors and all the other citizenship rights all other US citizens have. We trust that President Obama has heard us and will act as President Abraham Lincoln did on April 16, 1862, when Lincoln signed legislation to free the enslaved persons in Washington, DC. We trust that President Obama will act to help Free DC citizens by strongly supporting DC Statehood. This Watch Party is being hosted by Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (Free DC)
Host: Anise Jenkins
Contact Phone: 202-361-9739
The Gables Apartments (Washington, DC)
7035 Blair Road NW
Coffee Room
Washington, DC 20012
Directions: The Gables is located only 2 blocks from the Takoma subway stop (red line; which can be reached transferred from green line); 53, 62, 79 bus lines. Go to to get public travel directions.

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