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Obama/Biden for a Better America

Support Obama and take back our country from the corruption that has infected our government!

A few of the reasons why I support Obama!

Obama/Biden 2008!

1) One Voice!
2) Barack Obama in St. Paul, MN
3) Barack on the Economy
4) and many many many more you can see here: Obama on YouTube

Here are my top reasons why we can not let the John McCain continue the Bush policies:

The big one: Other Wars!

2) The REAL reason gas prices are so high!
3) John McCain... warmonger.
4) Bush is a liar or idiot
5) Bush pardon's himself from War Crimes
6) Bush Administration Scandals
7) More scandals
8) John McCain is dangerous
9) McCain Flip Flops
10) The beginning of the end of America

Please support Obama to make a change in this country!  Every little bit will help!


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