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Barack Obama and I are committed to changing the mindset that leads to war.  We need to chang the old politics of divisive smears and inuendo sound bites to instead focus on issues and inclusion. We believe that our country must not be subjected to a third Bush administration.  The US Constitution and Bill of Rights has been ignored and 'spun' so much that we can't depend on the freedoms that this country was founded upon.  We cannot let a third Bush administration ensure that the Supreme Court becomes a solidly right-wing acivist court that changes the basis upon which we are governed. We've lost our standing abroad and our rights here at home.

We're also committed to changing the political process by building a campaign founded on a broad base of support from ordinary Americans.  Middle class and poor  Americans will not prosper under a third Bush Administration.  We must work together if we are to succeed against the oil barrons and corporate interests who want to take tax incentives and move our jobs overseas.

I've set my own personal fundraising goal for the campaign, which you can see in the thermometer to the right.

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