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Time to put our money where our mouth is

 Welcome to the first step in personally making a huge difference to the fugure of our country.

Barack Obama and I are committed to changing the political process by building a campaign founded on a broad base of support from ordinary Americans. This campaign is about putting the people's interests ahead of the special interests, but to do that, Barack needs help from people like you and me.

I've set my own personal fundraising goal for the campaign, which you can see in the thermometer to the right.

Will you click the thermometer to make a donation and help me reach my goal?

When you do, you will be making a huge step deciding the next direction of our country. This is not just a time for political & even personal concerns, but this is a time where the veyr soul of our nation is at stake. We are at a pivotal point on an abyss regarding the very nature of the culture we surround ourselves in. 

The bubbling selfishness, arrogance, pride, and conceit that has been festering in this country for years is coming to a head. It at its core has been used to make reactionary policy decisions, but those policies then get internalized further and deeper by the citizenry they impact. We can no longer afford for our own cultural health to continue down this path.

 So please, join me and click that thermometer!

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