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Rob (L) & Steve (R) at Universal Studios. Hot?

I am setting up this page to honor my twin brother (a fellow Obama supporter) who despite being very sick with small-cell lung to brain cancer is doing EVERYTHING he can do to help Barack and all of us.  His condition is a little dicey as of now, and I hope that he makes it to our 40th birthday (May 22nd!) and then to the Convention, to November, and finally to Obama taking the Oath.

I've set my own personal fundraising goal to honor Steve, which you can see in the thermometer to the right.  The goal of 4,000 is to honor our birthday age!

Will you make a donation to help me reach my goal?

UPDATE:  On Friday night...the eve before the Wyoming caucas, despite being busy with his campaign, Barack Obama PERSONALLY CALLED my brother to wish him well and told him "that it is people like yourself that make this fight perosnal for me.  Like you, I face difficult odds, and I promise to take this to the convention for you."

Steve told Barack that for the first time since he was diagnosed, he was crying out of HAPPINESS.

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