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I'm creating this page on February 20, 2008 -- the day after Barack Obama won his 10th straight primary/caucus.  It is also the day on which the blogs broke the news that a bunch of Clinton supporters were setting up a 527 organization to attack Barack in Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas.

It angers me that a bunch of millionaires think it is appropriate to drag Obama down into the mud (and the Democratic Party with it, for good measure) just because they can.  But there are things we can do.  We can target the sponsors of the 527 with protests and boycotts.  We can take to the streets (and the internets) to counter Clinton-affiliated information.  And we can give to the Obama campaign to allow the candidate himself to respond more effectively.

So, in the spirit of giving to counteract this pernicious 527 attack, I propose that all donations to this page be of one of the following amounts:




(Of course, if the big amount is too big at this moment in time, you might consider multiple times at one of the smaller amounts.)

Let's show the Clinton campaign -- and the Orwellian "American Leadership Project" -- what a real 527 campaign is about.

Because yes, we can.

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