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Barack Obama and I are committed to changing the political process with a campaign built on a broad base of support from ordinary Americans.  We believe the only way to bring about lasting and needed change in our government is by rejecting the typical Washington-style slash and burn politics; by seeking to inspire voters by highlighting our possibilities rather than preying on our fears; and, by tapping into the hard work and ingenuity that has served us so well.

But this can only happen with your help.  Today, I ask you to stand with me and believe that government can be more than driving up your opponent's negatives; that government can be more than lowest common denominator partisanship.  Our government is a direct reflection of who we are.  Our elected leaders represent us.  It is not enough to merely replace a president with an "R" next to their name with someone with a "D" next to their name. 

Barack Obama has stated, and I wholeheartedly agree, that "We don't need someone that's better at playing the game.  We need to quit playing the game, altogether."

I've set my own personal fundraising goal for the campaign, which you can see in the thermometer to the right.

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