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Welcome to Online Supporters of Barack Obama's Grassroots Fundraising Page.  I have set an ambitious goal, but every dime is needed.  The polls are close and we are in the last weeks of this campaign.  The RNC is raising money hand over fist, McCain just received his $84 million in public financing and Obama has about $100 million LESS in cash available to him than McCain.

 How important is it to you that we elect Barack Obama this election?  It is even more important to those people who have lost their homes or are going through a financial crisis.  We need to fight on our own behalf and on theirs!

 We all need to kick it up a notch!  And donate whatever you can now, so it can be best used.  If you can only afford a weekly or bi-weekly contribution please do what you can and come back when you are able.

Many of Obama's supporters are tapped out after the long primary, but we can't stop now.  Dig deep, work hard.  Is $5 or $10 more dollars too much to help get ourselves away from the past 8 years?  If you can't give much now, think about doing this:

  • Bookmark this page
  • Set a personal goal to contribute some small amount (say $.50, $1, $5 or $10) for each nasty troll or smear you run across that particularly gets your feathers ruffled.
  • Keep track of each of those times and make sure you tell the troll that they have inspired you and that you will donate to Barack's campaign on his/her behalf.
  • When you have noted a few of these come back to this link and donate the total.
  • After you donate you might want to go back to the post and thank them for their inspiration (that's the fun part)

Be a part of the message for change:  Donate $5, $50 or even $500 to keep the positive message going. Continue to blog and write and remember to keep your cool when dealing with people who have bought into the GOP’s negative campaign.


Please click on the thermometer to the right to be a part of the campaign for positive change.




After writing all over the Internet for so long I thought it was time to start my own blog.  Please check in from time to time at and contribute your own thoughts, posts and comments.

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