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Vince Gray (Chair, D.C. Council - Honorary Chair of Host Committee), Jeff DeCaro, Thomas Fortune Fay, Leslye S. Fenton, Joel Finkelstein, Annie Kaplan, Phil Kessel, Bruce J. Klores, Patrick A. Malone, Jonathan D. Moreno, PhD, Jack H. Olender, Charles C. Parsons, Patrick M. Regan, Ben Saulter, W. Scott Sonntag, Henry L. Strong.............HOST COMMITTEE


 A-BARACK-CADABRA !  Magic for Change  

which was held on October 27, 2008 in Bethesda, MD

In addition to the funds raised on-line, we also received personal checks, for a grand

 total in excess of $21,000.00 in contributions.

 Thanks to all of those who contributed. and a special thanks to all of the entertainers;

 Alain Nu-  The star of four hour-long television specials on TLC, “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu”, and four-year headliner at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, his demonstrations explore the invisible energies that connect us all. Alain appliedthe powers of the mind and the mysteries of the universe to further lift the spirit of the Obama/Biden campaign.

Darwin Ortiz-  Author of the critically acclaimed book “Gambling Scams” (among several others), Darwin continues to speak to and dazzle audiences all over the world with his knowledge and amazing skill with a deck of cards. As America’s foremost authority on crooked gambling, Darwin further tipped the odds in favor of Obama/Biden. 

Mark Phillips-Mark is a globe trotting sleight of hand artist and master conjuror, who performs the classics of magic in a stylish, contemporary manner. Blending his expert technique with a fun dose of comedy and creativity, Mark is able to attain a level of true wonder in the brains of even the most analytical thinkers. He gave this campaign the continued magic that it needed to win this election.

Francis Menotti-A Philadelphia based performer, Francis is a student of Teller (of Penn & Teller fame). Francis is known in the world of magic for unusual and off-beat presentations of classic and contemporary magic effects.

Larry Davidson-He is as funny as he is devious. 

David Morey- Motivational speaker, consultant and talented sleight of hand artist, David is a true Renaissance man. He is took off time from his work with the Obama campaign to be with us,

And special guest

Al Cohen-longtime proprietor of Al’s Magic Shop, a world legend, and a magician’s magician. Al  dusted off the magic wand in order to, in his words, help beat “McCain and that Barbie doll” 

AND RANDY SHINE-Hailing from Philly. he will charm you while he dazzles you. We were fortunate that he could fit us into his busy performance schedule!

NATAN LEFKOWITZ- Baltimore's up and coming sleight of hand star, Natan has quickly acquired a reputation for his wizardry with playing cards.

These nine magicians created the kind of evening that you would have if you flew to L.A. and finagled an invitation to the famed Magic Castle.

AND there was a door prize, a gift of an original relic from the Carter the Great show, a vintage item over 80 years old. 

Tickets; A $250.00 donation to the campaign. Simply click on the word, "DONATE" on the thermometer at the right. We will then receive an email, alerting us to your contribution and you will be added to the guest list. If you prefer to pay by personal check, please make it payable to "Obama Victory Committee" and email Ken Trombly for the logistics of delivery. All proceeds will go to the Obama campaign. If you have maxed out on the allowable contribution, then anything above the $2300.00 you are permitted to donate to the Obama campaign will automatically go to the Democratic National Committee, up to $28,500.00.  

If you could not attend, but would like to support Obama/Biden and/or this event, please consider a contribution.  

Questions? Ken Trombly 202-607-3862


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