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My name is Asher Heimermann. I'm a Freshman attending Sheboygan South High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I've been involved in Senator Barack Obama's campaign for President since I've been in middle school. I'm also a Intern at the Sheboygan County Headquarters.

Watching this campaign grow has been an amazing experience. I spend every day talking to Americans about the change Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden wants to bring to Washington, but every time I walk into the Sheboygan County Headquarters, I'm just blown away by how strong our people-powered organization has become. Take the past five months, for example. I set an ambitious fundraising goal of $5,000 and you didn't just meet it -- you smashed it. But in this campaign, success just makes us work harder.

This is a campaign about bringing real change to Washington, change that puts people first. Taking power back from big special interests begins with a campaign that won't take contributions from lobbyists or PACs, a campaign built on a broad base of support from ordinary Americans. As a young American, I dream of a President who is honest, personable, intelligent, and wise. I want a leader with courage and integrity who has known the struggles of an everyday American. A lot of people have stopped believing that may even be possible.

I haven't stopped believing. I support Senator Barack Obama because he is that leader. Join me in supporting Senator Obama by making a donation to my personal fundraising page. This campaign for the presidency is unparalleled in history. Our need for an honest, fresh-thinking leader could not be more urgent. Americans are hungry for change and Barack Obama will bring that change when he is elected.

The last 20 months have been an amazing journey for me. Im so grateful for your support and humbled by your hard work. Let's re-double our efforts in the upcoming days and win this thing. After 20 months of fighting to bring the change we need, we cannot hold back now. We need to dig deep because what we do, between now and Election Day will make all the difference.

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