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Bacon the Robot Monkey for Obama!

Help Bacon the Robot Monkey Raise Money for Obama!

Bacon may be a robot monkey, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't care about politics. And as even a robot monkey knows, the upcoming election is the real thing. Because the Republicans are once again running a nasty campaign, we can't assume that Obama is going to win just because he's the better choice. Or because McCain apparently can't wait to get us into at least one other war. Or because eight years of Republican rule have made this country notso-hotso.

 Anyway, let's get to work. I'll do what I can, you do what you can, and if Bacon will take off his rocket-shorts and get over here he'll do what he can. 

 Hey, Bacon, get away from those power lines! Bacon, look out!

 Oh, Bacon!

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