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Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign

Barack Obama Is The Man For The Job!

America has been the greatest country of our time. The past 8 years under the current administration have significantly harmed our reputation, economy and perception abroad. We need a leader that can work for our interest and not the special interests that dominate Washington politics today and support John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Barack Obama has proven to be the most adequate presidential candidate and prepared leader to take on the domestic and foreign challenges ignored by President Bush. His track record and commitment to public service is unmatched by any other candidate; democrat or republican.

Barack Obama has a plan for us all. His universal health care proposal, economic idealogy and strategy to end the Iraq War (unlike McCain and Sarah Palin) will inevitably change the way we live as Americans and help this county once again provide a prosperous future for us all.

Let's come together and help change America and our current situation. Please make a donation to the Obama Campaign. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and well spent to help shape a brighter future for you and me. :-)

Rasheed Richmond 


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