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Hello to all my friends,

As most of you have known for some time, my frustration with the political process stems not from a belief that it does not work, but rather that those who share the center-liberal leaning beliefs that I do have accepted political defeat as a necessary condition.

In 2000, we watched Al Gore and Joe Lieberman go down to defeat. In 2002 and 2004, we watched as George Bush's political machinery ran roughshod over our way of life and the great American constitutional system.  With 9-11 as a weapon of mass destruction, George Bush and his forces systematically reduced our constitutional protections one by one.  Most of us watched this happen, constantly deferring meaningful opposition to another day. 

Well, my dear friends, we no longer have the luxury to defer the expression of our political will. Please join me in supporting Democrat Barack Obama in the quest to regain America, a movement to restore human rights and the protections of the Bill of Rights, a movement to ensure opportunity for all Americans, and perhaps most importantly, a movement to return America to its rightful place as a beacon for hope and opportunity for all of mankind.

Please make a contribution today and join me in helping elect Barack Obama as our next President of the United States. 


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