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You just might be surprised

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Hi guys,


This is a critical next two months leading up to the election. I've heard complaints and frustrations expressed time and again over the last 4 years (if not 8). Finally there is a window of opportunity where we can take responsibility.


The argument for support (IF ALREADY IN THE OBAMA CAMP go to 'The argument for involvement'):

From education to the environment, from women's rights to choose to privacy rights, from immigration to foreign policy, from cutting taxes for 90% of people to spending on science, our candidate represents a marked difference to the opposition. I will speak to a few issues that are important to me:

I'm a technology person, and if that is something close to your heart, you should support the campaign. Education, Science and Technology are what brought me to this country and is what will see it remain competitive during the coming years. Lessig captures the difference between Obama and McCain aptly in this video (by Stanford Law Professor, Lawrence Lessig, an absolute must-see).

Obama's take on the terrorists, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. This and his ability to deal with calm, with hosts like Bill O'Reilly are adequately expressed in this interview with Bill.

And I could go on, on a few others. However, more so than any specific policies, I support Obama for the same reasons Lessig supported him during the nomination process, which he captures in his 20 min clip here (if you were a Hillary supporter, I do so hope this will persuade you).

Further, Sarah Palin's nomination as VP, dangerously portends the oil and 'God-veiled' politics that changed the course of this country four years ago. With McCain having a statistical 1 in 3 chances of dying while in office, it is quite possible we will be handing over our nuclear codes to an inexperienced president at the helm!


The argument for involvement:

Some of us may just be permanent residents, some of us maybe part of heavily blue states and some of us may even have finished contributing to the campaigns of our choice. Despite these, our continued importance and participation during this election process cannot be overemphasized...

The campaign counts on each of us to fight the Republican lies and 'Rove'an politics. Especially so for three reasons:

  1. Obama has foregone public financing empowering people over lobbyists (see this video by Lessig for more on this very important topic), but at the same time putting the responsibility of electing the president of choice of the people, squarely on the people. By many measures the goal of raising money has not been met yet. So the need for more support is sorely felt.
  2. Swiftboating seems very much on the cards to the opponent, this time around as well. Swift response with counterads are the only defence.
  3. Obama is known to do well if he exposes himself enough to the electorate in those regions that are undecided (or sometimes even Republican) and so its ultra important that those ads get out in as many of those regions as possible.

And more ads means the need for more money. Fortunately this means WE can make a difference, despite being in a blue state or being a permanent resident.

I hope we can take responsibility for putting the president of our choice into office, even if some of us can't vote. You can donate (even if it is just 10$), you can donate some more (there is a 2300$ limit), you can get others to donate and spread the word. Considering what we contributed to the government over the last 8 years in taxes, your contributing dollar toward the campaign today can make more difference to you and your family than in the last 8! Consider that. And most importantly come election day, if you are eligible, you can do the most important thing you would have done for the time it takes. You can vote.

You can also join us at the local all-volunteer field office:

where we make phone calls to undecided voters in battleground states, and motivate people to vote during election day.

You just might be surprised by the outcome.


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