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Pab's Fox News marathon for Obama

On October 18-19, I will be making the supreme sacrifice to help raise money for Barack Obama.

From Noon, Saturday, October 18, through  Noon, Sunday, October 19, 2008, I will be subjecting myself to one of the most intense forms of torture known to man.  I am prepared to watch Fox "News" for 24 hours straight.

If my goal is reached by Friday the 17th, I will give up my weekend and several hours of much needed sleep that weekend subjecting myself to the horrors of whatever the Fox "News" Channel has to throw at us.  I will be liveblogging and Twittering throughout the event to try and provide some comic relief for the whole mess, and if I can lay in enough SD cards, might consider taping parts of the event for posterity.

I'm willing to put my body and my sanity on the line for Barack Obama.  Will you do your small part by donating to help make this possible?  Thank you!


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