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Me and Anousheh Ansari at the 2006 X-Prize Cup

Eight years of slouching toward banana-republic theocratic dictatorship is enough.  Eight years of disasterous economic policies is enough.  Eight years of torture, warrantless wiretaps, and a culture of fear, division, and paranoia, is enough.  Eight years of systematic destruction of America's standing in the world, of America's alliances and her military readiness, is enough.  Eight years of suppression of science, suppression of transparency and accountability in government is enough.  Eight years of Presidential decisions made without regard to reason and evidence is enough.  Enough!

The time to draw the line is now.  John McCain has demonstrated his "maverick" credentials by picking a vice-presidential candidate who literally looks forward to Armageddon.  Never mind the blatant hypocrisy of tossing his stand against the Religious Right under the bus--the stand that got him his "maverick" cred in the first place.  With his first Presidency-related decision, John McCain has shown us that he'll put political expediency above all else.  Above principle, above character, above sound judgment, above the very future of life on Earth.  If you don't trust Sarah Palin with the world's largest arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, should you trust the man who chose her to be a heartbeat away?

They deride Obama as an "elitist."  He's too smart, too articulate, too reasonable.  Always talking about the issues like he actually knows something about them.  Treating the American people like grownups.  Explaining what he wants to do in whole speeches, instead of resorting to smears and sound-bites.  We don't want somebody like that making decisions that will shape America's future and the future of the world, do we?

Yes, we do.

In the coming years, we will have to make crucial decisions that will determine whether or not humans can be a success in Universe.  Climate change, peak oil, resource scarcity, international peace and national security.  How we should proceed with the development of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering.  These are decisions that we have to make on the basis of reason and evidence.

Barack Obama shows himself to be better informed and more qualified to lead in a time like this every time he opens his mouth.  But more than that, he has committed to encouraging the direct involvement of the American people in the political process and making the operation of the Federal government transparent and accountable.  These decisions we face aren't going to be made by him alone, or by any President.  They are decisions we have to make as a civilization.

I am convinced that Barack Obama deserves our support.  One way we can support him--and help hold him accountable--is by donating to his campaign.  As his campaign contributers, we are the people he will be beholden to.  We will win this election--or we'll lose it to the people who spend their tax breaks and corporate welfare on things like <a href="">this</a>.

I've set my own personal fundraising goal for the campaign, which you can see in the thermometer to the right.

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