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 Being a dog of few words, I'll keep this brief.


1.  If Obama is elected, I will be his vice president.  (see news story below)

2.  As a dog, I've learned to judge people by the company they keep and the people they choose to work with.   This is why I trust Obama to move our country through the difficult times ahead (even if I am not VP).

3.  Don't max out your contributions--bury some in the back yard for later.

4.  I'm a surprisingly good kisser.   



LOS ANGELES - Illinois Sen. Barack Obama has made a promise to his kids: if we win the White House, you can have a dog.

The Democratic presidential hopeful told a rally in California on Thursday that his two little girls were excited about the prospect of him becoming president but not so happy about moving to Washington.

“They’re very excited, although my 9-year-old and my 6-year-old, I’m not sure they want to move. They like Chicago,” he said, answering a little boy’s question about his kids. “We promised them that we’ll get (a) dog.”


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