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What does this picture have to do with politics?

I've been a committed liberal ever since I asked my dad what the difference between Republicans and Democrats was. (He gave a fair answer, but I knew which side I believed in.) However, the depressing tone of politics in this country kept me from doing anything more than the minimum for years. Barack Obama changed that. I've been volunteering for his campaign, and now I'm fundraising for him too.

I think Obama represents a chance to reunite America. I firmly believe that liberals like me have more in common with republicans than either side suspects--and I think Obama can draw out our common interests and move our country forward

There's more at stake in this election than just the future of a party or even the direction of our country. The Climate Crisis looms before us, and only Obama has the vision and the audacity to turn this crisis into an opportunity.

If you can spare a few dollars you can help change this country, and maybe even the world.

Be at Peace.


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