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My son Gabriel (Gabe) just celebrated his 2nd Birthday!!! In the last two years, we have been blessed with the fact that he has been healthy, playful, social, and loving. We are also blessed to know that he loves NPR in the car, has his own "Daddy's lil Democrat" tshirt, and understands the necessity to ban Fox News in the household.

We would like to raise money for Senator Obama in Gabe's name so that he may grow up in a much better, safe, stable, and more caring world, based on morals and dignity. We have always maintained that to care is to hope, and to hope is to risk. Senator Obama encapsulates everything that I wish I could say about his campaign and the people involved, which I have had an honor meeting as a volunteer in Indiana.

The days leading up to his birthday, we were asking people to make a donationin Gabe's name to commemorate his 2nd birthday. Our goal was to raise $500 for Senator Obama in Gabe's name, but we have exceeded that. We are asking for others to continue to donate.

 Please donate if you wish and help Gabe reach his goal

Thank you.


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