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Hooray, we met our $1000 goal but I hope you'll keep donating.

I'm a retired mathematician, physicist, journalist and moderately talented artist and I want to help elect Barack Obama and as many Democrats to Congress as possible. Obama's campaign and I are committed to changing the political process by building a campaign founded on a broad base of support from extraordinary ordinary Americans. I believe we're all special and can find our individual ways to help this campaign.

I've made hand illustrated T-Shirts with Math themes. I'm wearing the T-Shirts as I go about my day to day activities. My shirts are humorous and probably won't change any minds but I do hope they will encourage Obama supporters to work a little harder and dig a little deeper. I want people who have already contributed to contribute another $5, $10 or $50 that they might not have if they hadn't seen my shirt and talked and laughed and dreamed with me.

For example: One T-Shirt says "Banach Obama, Mathematicians for Change". I thought of this one because my son Dan is working on his PhD in Theoretical Mathematics focusing on Banach Spaces.

I've made a second T-Shirt for Dan, the mathematician, that says "Banach Obama, the Only Complete Normed Candidate." It's a math thing but I'm hoping that people will ask what the shirts mean and we'll explain that we're raising money for Obama and give them a business card with this web address for donations. I hope it works.

I've also made a "Bach Obama: Classical Musicians for Change and Harmony" for my cello playing youngest son, Blaise, and a "Bark Obama: Veterinarians for Change" for his girlfriend, Lydia, and a "Barack Omama: Moms for Change" for my wife Kathy (the pretty one in the picture). 

Even if you've already contributed elsewhere, please dig a little deeper and click the thermometer to make another donation.


David B Freeman 

p.s. The campaign still needs our help and you can do what I've done. It is easy to start your own Obama fundraising page at 

You're guaranteed success because I will donate $25 at your web page as soon as I receive your request! 

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