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Getting Out the Vote

On the eve of the South Carolina primary, Rev. Randolph Scipio and Kathleen Fox talk to voters in North Charleston. (8:55 | Link)

Organizing & Oprah

A behind-the-scenes look at the organizing around a visit from Ms. Winfrey and the Obamas. (4:01 | Link)

The Civil Rights Activist

She marched for civil rights, and now Annie Bennett is standing up again: no bingo until Barack becomes president. (3:33 | Link)

The Student

Benedict College senior Joshua Stroman on why his generation is inspired by Obama. (19:39 | Link)

The Trendsetter

Grace Cusack reflects on her house meeting -- and how things have changed in her neighborhood -- in Florence, South Carolina. (2:28 | Link)

The House Meeting

At house meetings across South Carolina, neighbors gather to talk about how to change their country. (4:03 | Link)

The Barbershop

At Emerson's Barber Shop in Marion, SC, talk turns to the Iraq War and the need for real leadership. (4:38 | Link)

Obama Teams

Volunteers across the state assume leadership positions to get out the word about Obama. (3:24 | Link)

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