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Ideas to Get the Conversation Started

Approaching your parents about who they are voting for can be intimidating if you’ve never talked about politics with them before. But this campaign has been built by supports sharing their story about what inspires them and why they want to see change in this country. Here are some ideas for ways you can talk to your parents about why you support Barack:

Think about their perspective. If they are Republican, or are concerned about Barack’s policies, think about where they are coming from and what makes them think the way that they do.

Know the Issues

Affordable Higher Education

Barack will create a new American Opportunity Tax Credit to make the first $4,000 of college completely free for most students. In return, eligible students will be required to perform 100 hours of public service a year.

Health Care

Barack is committed to health care reform that ensures all Americans have high-quality, affordable health care choices. He will ensure that young adults can stay covered under their parents insurance until age 25, to help reduce costs for young people entering the workforce.


Barack supports doubling federal funding for basic research, expanding broadband access, and making the research and development tax credit permanent so that young people with and without college degrees can thrive in the job market. Barack will invest $150 billion in renewable energy projects to create up to 5 million new jobs, and will create an energy-focused youth jobs program to give more young Americans a good job opportunity.

Iraq and Foreign Affairs

Barack opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning and has a plan to responsibly end the war. He will renew American diplomacy by reaching out to foreign leaders and will reestablish America’s moral leadership by respecting civil liberties and fighting corruption at home. Barack will continue to lead the global fight against HIV/AIDS, double U.S. funding for foreign aid, and work to end the genocide in Sudan.

Engage America’s Youth in Politics

Barack believes we cannot improve our government without involving young Americans in the political process. He supports measures that would make it easier for young people to vote, such as Election-Day registration and no-excuse absentee balloting.

Global Warming

Barack has been a leader in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the effects of climate change on our planet. He strongly supports a market-based, cap-and-trade approach that will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050.