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The truth about Barack's foreign trip


Barack Obama didn't take time to meet with troops on his overseas trip.

Conservative blogs, referencing an inaccurate email from abroad, have been spreading the rumor that Barack Obama gave troops the cold shoulder on his foreign trip.


Barack Obama spent time throughout his trip visiting with and thanking our troops in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. He was proud to meet so many of our troops overseas and has repeatedly praised their service and dedication.

UPDATE FROM ARMY TIMES: "Anti-Obama e-mail was wrong"

"An Army officer’s negative e-mail account of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s visit with the troops in Afghanistan that set the blogosphere ablaze prompted Army officials to correct aspects of the e-mail and resulted in a statement from the message’s author that “some of the information that was put out in my e-mail was wrong.”

Read the article debunked the inaccurate email from abroad:

"This is another viral e-mail falsehood. The author now says it's not true; the Army says it's not true; and video and photos show Obama shaking hands with troops and eating breakfast with them as well."

The New York Daily News even debunked this false claim:

New York Daily News

"...Army brass debunked the Obama-bashing soldier's allegations, which went viral Thursday over the Web and on military blogs such as Blackfive."

Read the article

Obama visits with troops and plays basketball in Kuwait:

Obama visits with troops in Afghanistan:


AP: "Obama Breakfasts With Troops In Kabul": Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama shared Sunday breakfast with American troops in Kabul ahead of an expected meeting with Afghan leader Hamid Karzai…
Read the article

Politico: Obama "Pictured Largely" With Troops, Signing Autographs: He began with stops in which he has been pictured largely in the company of American soldiers. In Kuwait, he examined military vehicles and signed autographs for soldiers on a military base.
Read the article

Chicago Tribune: Obama: I Want To Thank Our Troops for The Heroic Work That They've Been Doing: The U.S. military confirmed Obama and the other senators visited Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. base in the country, and met top U.S. military leaders and troops.
Read the article

Fox News: Obama Met With Troops: After the two-hour session with Karzai, Obama made no public comment, but said in a written statement that the main purpose of the Afghan visit was to see US troops, thank them for their "extraordinary service" and let them know the United States is proud of them.
Read the article


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